The one hundered and twentieth release of Jeton Records, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Sezer Uysalwith Spicular EP.

Sezer Uysal is one of the most important exports of Turkish Electronic Scene, with great releases on Stil vor Talent, Suara, Elevate and many more. Also a regular at Jeton Events, Sezer Uysal‘s return to the label is powerful.

Name Track of the EP, Spicular is a trademark sound of Sezer Uysal, who is known for complex melodic constructions with heavily use of arpeggiator. Very solid bassline forms the buttom-end, an amazing chord work accompanies the main melody and an huge drop/rise makes the last move.

Ferhat Albayrak and Sezer Uysal‘s first collaboration called Hectocorn, which means 100 Billion USD + Company, is an another synth piece work, boosted by heavy beats of Ferhat and sharp melodies of Sezer, we think it is a great combination for the dance-floor.

Sezer Uysal – Spicular EP is aiming to be on your tracklist all summer long. Enjoy!