Jeton Records Radio Show 131 Asli aka Rhodium

131th episode of Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes Asli aka Rhodium from Turkey. Asli is one the new breeds of our Turkish Electronic Music scene with a very unique style and a different approach. Her first release on Jeton is back in early 2021 on New Breed Compilation and then she got a great album on Jeton released last 2021 called “Trust”, which is one of the most unique works in Jeton Catalogue. She also has started performing in Jeton Showcases, both in Istanbul, Ankara as well and upcoming shows are on the horizon.

We are happy to host Asli aka Rhodium in our Jeton Records Radio Show with her exclusive studio mix. Enjoy!

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Rhodium – Trust EP – JET154

Since 2009, Jeton became the synonym for quality Techno Print, out from Istanbul, where east meets west, one of the fast rising scenes of the globe, always pushing the boundaries, guided by Label Head Ferhat Albayrak.

154th Release of Jeton welcomes Rhodium with Trust EP.

Rhodium is from Yalova, Turkey and she is one of the new breed contemporary artists of our scene, definitely not a regular producer on the market. She took the attention of Ferhat Albayrak with her promo ‘Can I Be Me’ and has been featured on New Breed Vol.VI compilation out last June. After the release she is now taking part on Jeton Showcases as well with her DJing skills.

Now it is time for her debut EP with 5 future forward pieces of work, perfectly reflecting her sound, her attitude and her style, nothing familiar with what it is coming out recently.


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Beatport – 08th Oct 2021
Worldwide – 22nd Oct 2021

Anthony Pappa – Really cool EP. Thank you
COMMA Group – Thanks for sharing!
Eme Kulhnek – different ways ! like it , thanks
Ilario Alicante – Thanks for the music!
Joseph Capriati – Thanks !
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Sama Abdulhadi – love the trippiness

Various Artists – New Breed Vol.VI JET148

Since 2009, Jeton became the synonym for quality Techno Print, out from Istanbul, where east meets west, one of the fast rising scenes of the globe. Now it is time to make a new corporate identity, always pushing the boundaries, guided by Label Head Ferhat Albayrak.

148th Release of Jeton presents Various Artists New Breed Volume VI, sixth edition of new compilation series reserved for upcoming talents.

Since day 1, we are focused to support the best new breed of the scene and try to let them be noticed by the rest of the game. This compilation is focused to find the right music no matter what the producer’s name is.

On the first edition of New Breed, Richie Hawtin signed Kargi for his Close compilation, on the second edition Avisos & Future From Now were most selling tracks of Jeton and third edition welcomed Mehmet Ozbek who secured a full release later on and forth edition featured amazing new talent like Yigitoglu, UGR & Massman and on fifth edition we had Pina Tesla & Danny Wabbit who secured full releases and appearances on Jeton Showcases.

On the sixth edition again, we compiled this selection from among all the demos have been sent to us. All those tracks have been road-tested by label-head Ferhat Albayrak for months and the reaction of streams is %100 approved.

Almost all the producers are on the early stages of their career and we hope this compilation will be a platform for them to be discovered.

We warmly welcome JAC303, Nerepla, Rhodium, Don Tavetti and Kenan Olden to Jeton Family!

We promise we will support the upcoming talent and the selection of the new breed producers will be continued. Enjoy!

Available From Stores
Beatport – 4th Jun 2021
Worldwide – 18th Jun 2021

Ugur Project – Zenith [Jeton] JET109

The one hundred and ninth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes back Ugur Project with Zenith EP.

Jeton Regular and A-Pillar Ugur Project returns to the label with a great three-trakker, all tested and focused for the dance-floor. His sound is evolving every release and he escalated his career by signing to Great Stuff Recordings this summer as well.

The name track of the EP Zenith is a great groovy and pumping floor-filler, hypnotising main hook-synth catches you from the first moment and drops you with no-mercy. Percussions and basslines are greatly combined, over-all rhythm is stunning.

Second track Rhodium is another groovy track, this time super-cared drums and hook working together and form an unmistakable beat-form.

Last track of the EP Paranoia generates an intense pump, catchy bass-line and sub-works make the track super-friendly for building up the over-all groove.

Ugur ProjectZenith EP is full of weapons for your big-room to dark-room sets. Enjoy!

About 130 – Paranoia” nice track!”
Darren Rice – Love Zenith, great groove
Eme Kulhnek – great ep ! thanks 🙂
Ilario Alicante – Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Spartaque – Cool EP, will play!
Stiv Hey – Downloading for Stiv Hey, thanks !
Vinicius Honorio – Rolling!!!
Zoe Xenia – Rhodium sounds great!