Jeton Records Radio Show 124 Anastasia Kristensen

124th episode of Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes Anastasia Kristensen from Denmark. Anastasia Kristensen is an uncompromising force of nature that shifts sounds and tempos at a moment’s notice – providing a whirlwind of emboldened intensity that can be felt equally through her productions and DJ sets. Always the adventurer, the Copenhagen-via-Moscow producer has been at it for a while, finding inspirations from the likes of ballet to effusively digging for records to satisfy her curiosity. With her track “Spring Ballade” released on Nous Disques in 2016 and previous work with BLD and Monasterio, she only sought to move forward and carve out a path that would only broaden the scope for her reach as time goes on. It begins with her DJ sets – Kristensen starts with tone as the foundation; she weaves a web that incorporates barreling breaks, blistering techno and buoyant electro in scintillating fashion – inviting listeners to be curious about which strand she’ll weave with each passing track she plays. With featured mixes on Mixmag and Red Bull, as well as releases forthcoming in the year, Anastasia is determined to take even bigger chances and leap farther into the sonic spectrum of underground music – by never staying in one lane. We are very pleased to host Anastasia Kristensen in our Jeton Records Radio Show. Enjoy!

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