122nd episode of Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes Klaudia Gawlas from Poland. She is one of the eye-catching new generation Techno artists of our scene and it is all started in 2008 when she won a mixtape contest and played at the Ruhr in Love Raveline floor. Her career started to pick up steam. Bookings for Mayday, Time Warp, Nature One, Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Brazil, Argentinia followed and Klaudia kept on nurturing the ever-growing community of fans around the globe with every gig. She partnered with Eric Sneo, running the cult-label MOD together. Klaudia keeps on giving it all for her music and we are super excited to host Klaudia Gawlas in our Jeton Records Radio Show with live recorded Life Live Festival mix. Enjoy!

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