Peja – Sumas EP – JET043

The forty third release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcome once more Peja with Sumas EP.

Name track of the EP, Sumas, is a driving bold bassline-high kick mutant, spiced up with a fx-like staps and very saturated percussions. Darker than Peja Sound we know but definitely a banger.

Second track called Psionics, very subby bass campaigns super reverbed hi-hats and snares, uses atmosphere sounds as a continuous FXs.

Last track Alkalina, has the lowest buttom sounds of the EP, super buttom heavy, but at the same track modestly filled middle and hi sounds. Out of sync percs give the breath to the whole highs, and panning make the track stand-out from the crowd.

PejaSumas EP will be a sales-topper for sure, the only question is how long does it stay. Enjoy !


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Richie Hawtin downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Bailey Many Thanks
Greg Gow psionics is the one for me thx
Sam Paganini Solid Ep as always from Peja! Sumas” my fav but all tracks are good
Elio Riso very nice
Axel Karakasis all tracks are great!!! full support
Audio Injection Psionics and Alkalina will get play from me, good stuff thanks!
Bodyscrub Great release!
Ricardo Garduno Solid release! great job!
Drumcomplex wow what a package!!!! Full support love it
Roel Salemink Nice EP
A-Brothers amazing stuff! thnx…
Gennaro Le Fosse support!
Lance Blaise nice tracks
Gabriel Ben cool tracks from Peja!
Roman Finansi Alkalina!!!
Davy Dee Alkanina for me !!!
Microvibez Superb release…All 3 tracks perfectly fits my set. Will play for sure!
Dean Facer Yet another superb EP from Peja…. Great production, great vibe throughout !!
Monocraft Nice release!