141st episode of Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes Drumcell from Los Angeles, USA.
Drumcell has been a key player in Los Angeles Techno Scene since the early 90s when he discovered notorious rave warehouse parties in the Los Angeles area. Rapidly started DJing on the west coast and making his own tracks, he became one of the scene’s founders. His catalog is as big as respected labels like CLR, his own Droid, Electric Deluxe, Sleaze and many more. He has been playing in prestigious acts like Movement Detroit Festival, Berlin’s Techno Mecca Berghain, Bassiani, and many other clubs all around Europe.
We are proud to host Drumcell in our Jeton Records Radio Show with his live recorded set back in 2012 in one the best clubs in the globe, which is in Berlin and you know the name. Enjoy!

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