Jeton Records Radio Show 101 Thomas Hoffknecht

The 101th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Thomas Hoffknecht from Berlin. He is one the new comers of the current Techno Scene and has important releases on respected labels like Complexed, OFF, Suara, Second State and KD Raw. He is also an ambrassador DJ of Allen & Heath Xone Products. As we like his sound very much, we invited him to mix this month’s Jeton Records Radioshow with a special mix. We are very pleased to host him in our show.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken from his opening set for Carl Cox at Zorlu PSM Istanbul from last month. Enjoy!

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Jeton Records Radio Show 100 Carl Cox

The 100th Milestone episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes The Legend Carl Cox. The man himself spent 35 years on the top of Techno & House Scene and considered the DJ of DJs from all the music authorities. He has been selected Dj of last 25 Years from Mixmag Magazine and still teaching the new kids on the block how to make DJ Art by appearing at the world`s leading festival like Ultra, Tomorrowland, Time Warp, Awakenings and his own PURE. He has been resident at World`s Best Club ever Space Ibiza for 15 years and established himself a figure at the white isle no one can be even close.

Jeton was always next to Carl Cox name, thanks to his supports during last 10 years, he has been playing Ferhat Albayrak music on his sets for years, Jeton and Ferhat both been featured at Carl`s Global Radioshow, Ferhat has share same stage with the man 4 times and now he will play for us on Sept 28th at Zorlu PSM Istanbul, after 10 years of absence in Turkey.

For us, he is the mighty and the greatest and he will be forever! Thank you Carl for lightning our path!

The whole show covers his birthday mix at Privilege Ibiza, Resistance Night, recorded live.  Enjoy!

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Sezer Uysal -Spicular EP [Jeton] JET120

The one hundered and twentieth release of Jeton Records, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Sezer Uysalwith Spicular EP.

Sezer Uysal is one of the most important exports of Turkish Electronic Scene, with great releases on Stil vor Talent, Suara, Elevate and many more. Also a regular at Jeton Events, Sezer Uysal‘s return to the label is powerful.

Name Track of the EP, Spicular is a trademark sound of Sezer Uysal, who is known for complex melodic constructions with heavily use of arpeggiator. Very solid bassline forms the buttom-end, an amazing chord work accompanies the main melody and an huge drop/rise makes the last move.

Ferhat Albayrak and Sezer Uysal‘s first collaboration called Hectocorn, which means 100 Billion USD + Company, is an another synth piece work, boosted by heavy beats of Ferhat and sharp melodies of Sezer, we think it is a great combination for the dance-floor.

Sezer Uysal – Spicular EP is aiming to be on your tracklist all summer long. Enjoy!

Jeton Records Radio Show 099 Tensal

The 99th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Tensal from Spain. With a musical career spanning over twenty years and more than one hundred releases, Héctor Sandoval (one half of Exium) is deep into a new project.

Tensal is both his stage name and the label that will accommodate most of this new work, which focuses on a brand of techno that is more modern and cyclic, and based on classic synth lines. His DJ sets explore all facets of techno by alternating different textures and intensities that draw mainly from his own materials. A journey through current techno that will certainly get your attention. He has releases on respected labels like Soma, Polegroup and his own Tensal.. We are very pleased to host him in our Jeton Records Radioshow.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at One Love Festival Istanbul from last month. Enjoy!

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Jeton Records Radio Show 098 Andre Crom

The 98th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Andre Crom from Germany. Andre Crom is an experienced Berliner DJ & music producer. After years of global touring, mostly based on heading a well-known label, and having co-produced a number of club hits, Crom realized that – few exceptions apart – the foundation of becoming and staying an internationally relevant electronic music artist, is to become a really accomplished producer with a trademark sound. He is the man behind respected OFF Recordings, home of warm and raw saturated Techno beats. We are very pleased to host him in our Jeton Records Radioshow.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Eden Ibiza from last month, during Tronic Ibiza Nights. Enjoy!

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Ferhat Albayrak – Intercourse EP [Jeton] JET119

The one hundred and nineteenth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Intercourse EP.

After securing succesful releases from Tronic, Elevate and Transmit, label head Ferhat Albayrak returns to Jeton with a floorfiller called Intercourse.

Tracks of the EP, have been road-tested for almost 3 months in the clubs, big rooms, small rooms and the reactions from the crowd was amazing.

Intercourse is a nasty track, features a female ‘naughty’ vocal, replicating an intercourse, snare-roll, kick-drum and other percussion elements surround it all-over, and a big all-school hover escalade the drop! A real floor-filler weapon!

Pitch-Dark is an atmospheristic work, features twin synth work for the build-up and a very clean kick-subbass duo for the fundamental of the track. Not a banger but a filler for A-sides.

Ferhat AlbayrakIntercourse EP will supply your peak-time weapon for this summer. Enjoy !

Riza Gobelez – Time Shift Album [Jeton] JET118

The one hundred and eighteen release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Riza Gobelez debut Album; Time Shift.

2019 is Jeton’s 10th Year Anniversary and we are celebrating during year with many occasions like a 10 Year Event with Christian Smith and a massive birthday event with Mighty Carl Cox in Istanbul.

Releasing a debut album of one of the regulars of Jeton, a young rising talent, Riza Gobelez‘s Time Shift, is an another great occasion to celebrate our anniversary. Riza’s artistic career is in boost mode, by releasing collabs with Ferhat Albayrak on amazing labels like Elevate, Transmit and upcoming Intec. He is in the right path at the right time.

Time Shift although is a 10 track work of art, showcasing the talent of Riza, in dance-floor and in bed-room sound systems environments.

It is an album of story-telling, an express of feelings; bad times, ecstasies, ups and downs, but in the borders of the beauty of Techno.

We hope you will use the album for a long time, when you need a banger at peak-time or a tranquilizer after work. Enjoy!

Basic Frame – We re going to test Red&Green and Affliction. Thx
Burakcan Yilmaz – Very Nice Sounds
Chris Count – all tracks !!!
COMMA Group – thanks for sharing!
Darren Rice – First 2 tracks are absolut savages
Eme Kulhnek – nice release ! thanks !
Gemma Furbank – Some great tracks in here
Ilario Alicante – Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
Lasawers – serious stuff !! thanks
LAW – Will test, thanks!
Luigi Madonna – Downloaded…thanks for the music!
LWJR aka Kerem Yucel – amazing tracks!
Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8) – downloading for Marco Carola, thanks
Mertens – Santo’s hook is gripping!
Phil Soren – Thx for the music !
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Spartaque – Cool tracks!
Stiv Hey – HEY is downloading, thanks for the music 🙂
Ugur Project – Full Support!

Jeton Showcase at Suma Han!

Jeton Showcase at Suma Han

Suma Han Karakoy, Running Order
June 15th, 2019

23:00 – 01:00      Alan Cutt
01:00 – 03:00     Ferhat Albayrak
03:00 – 05:00     Ugur Project


Jeton Records, 2019 yaz sezonunda müziğini, şehrin en egzotik mekanlarından biri olan Suma Han Karaköy’e getiriyor.

Ülkemiz Techno Sahnesini setleri ve prodüksiyonları ile yurtdışında da başarı ile temsil eden Jeton Records`un kurucusu Ferhat Albayrak ve Jeton Records’un yeni yeteneklerinden, Jeton’dan çıkardığı “Prelude EP”si Richie Hawtin tarafından çalınan, Kaiserdisco, Pi̇g&Dan, Christian Smith, Coyu, Konstantin Sibold gibi önemli isimler ile aynı sahneyi paylaşmış Alan Cutt gecenin ev sahipleri olacak.

*** Daha onceden aciklanan Layton Giordani, elimizde olmayan sebepler nedeniyle bu gece sahne alamayacaktir. Layton Giordani yerine Ugur Project ayni saatler icinde sahne alacaktir. Daha once bilet almis kisiler, dilerler ise biletlerini adresine email atip iade alabilirler.

Jeton Records

Türkiye’nin ilk uluslararası Techno Plak Şirketi Jeton Records, 2019’da 10.yılını kutluyor.

2009 yılında ülkemiz elektronik müzik sahnesinin önemli isimlerinden biri olan Ferhat Albayrak tarafından kurulan Jeton Records, her ay düzenli olarak çıkardığı EP’ler ile Dünya’nın aranan Techno plak şirketleri arasına girdi.

Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin,Sam Paganini gibi sektörün dev isimleri Jeton’dan çıkan parçaları düzenli olarak çalmakta ve desteklemektedir.

Jeton Records, Lutzerkirchen, Marco Bailey, Teenage Mutants, Tom Hades, Tomy DeClerque , Greg Gow gibi önemli uluslararası isimlerin yayınlanan EP’leri ile beraber, son dönemde ülkemiz sahnesinin de gelişimine katkı sağlamak amacıyla, Sezer Uysal, Atesh K, Ugur Project, Alan Cutt, Rıza Gobelez gibi isimlerin çalışmalarını yayınladı.

2011 yılında Jeton Records Radioshow adlı altında aylık yayınlayan podcast/radioshow’u da, bugüne kadar Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Slam, Pan&Pot gibi endüstrinin önde gelen isimlere yer vererek, hali hazırda dünyanın farklı kıtalarından 54 uluslararası radyoda yayınlanmaktadır.

2015 yılından itibaren de Jeton Nights olarak, ülkenin Techno sahnesine yatırım yaparak, Sam Paganini, DVS1, Oscar Mulero, Coyu, Shlomi Aber gibi isimleri her ay düzenli olarak organize ettiği gecelerde, Techno’yu geniş kitleler ile buluşturup, kültürün yayılmasına katkıda bulunuyor, workshoplar düzenleyip yeni yeteneklerin bulunmasına ortam yaratıyor.

* Suma Han, uygun görmediği kişileri etkinliğe almama hakkına sahiptir.
Bu durumda önceden ödenmiş ön satış biletlerinin iadesi için güvenlikten mutlaka iade kuponu istenmeli ve online bilet iadesi talebinde bu kupon paylaşılmalıdır. Kuponsuz hiçbir şekilde iade yapılmayacaktır.

Online Bilet

Jeton Records Radio Show 097 Fabio Neural

The 97th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Fabio Neural from Italy. Fabio Neural is an Italian DJ and music producer that has personally taken his talent and used it to propel his career within the Italian and International music scenes. He has releases on respected labels like Truesoul, Terminal M, Unrilis, KD Raw, SCI-TEC and of course Intec of Carl Cox, whom personally supports a lot, by playing his music frequently in his sets and sharing the same stage in various clubs/festivals. Fabio is a dedicated musical talent who sees no barrier for his success, always motivated, always to the point. We sre very pleased to host him in our Jeton Records Radioshow.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Zorlu PSM Studio from last month, opening set for Christian Smith, on 10 Years of Jeton Event. Enjoy!

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