Jeton Records presents Kaiserdisco & Shlomi Aber


Jeton Records proudly presents
Kaiserdisco (Drumcode, KD Music)
Ferhat Albayrak (Jeton Records, Intec Digital)
Alan Cutt (Jeton Records)

Hit maker duo of the Techno Scene, one of the most influenced German DJs in the scene, Kaiserdisco returns to our land, this time to the unmistakable & newest summer spot of Turkey ; Alaçatı MAIA!

Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck have rocked the right clubs, remixed the acts that matter, put their names in bold across festival marquees, retained the highest quality through honest endeavour and made the name Kaiserdisco a worldwide authority with guru-like guidance of the groove.

A case of great minds thinking alike after pooling (and maintaining) their own careers – Berger as part of Nudisco, Buck juggling a mass of other projects – their debut long player ‘In No One’s Shadow’ laid down the Kaiserdisco manifesto and the ability therein to tilt dancefloors smoothly, minimally, tribally, forcefully and progressively in their favour. With the confidence of the title running through every dropped needle and pushed play button, the Hamburg duo have enveloped the dancefloor in their own resilient way since joining forces in 2008. Their methods are in part down to being “very careful with decisions”, and relaying the fruits of a telepathy in which they admit they’ve “never had a disagreement.”

With its almost business-like invitation, follow-up ‘Meet Me on the Floor’ required little more introduction but offered classiness by night never found on the back foot, with a little toughness and quiet determination when required and subtle variations in flavour from beach to bolthole. Once a burgeoning remix schedule began to pick up pace, boosted were the beats of Robyn, Nicole Moudaber, Extrawelt, and Sébastien Léger, culminating in the ‘Retouched’ 12” tweaking Steve Lawler, Booka Shade and Marc Romboy.

Blessing the back catalogues of Drumcode, Suara, Snatch and Get Physical meant the unveiling of their own KD Music, always a long-term goal for the pair, was a natural knock-on effect. They may have been quoted with tongue only partially in cheek by running a label with a “we produce it, and if we like it, we release it” ethos, but it seemed a risk-free declaration given the pair’s established quality control, extending to giving rising talents a way in, and inviting Eddie Amador and Danny Serrano to their ranks.

After what has been a watershed Kaiserdisco era celebrating 50 KD Music releases this year, their new baby KD Raw is prepared to get to the heart of the dancefloor even quicker, starting in blistering fashion with the ‘Three Lions’/’Fifth Element’ EP. “The important concept behind Kaiserdisco is to make the people dance…it’s our main goal to stimulate the people!”

Presented by Jeton Records
Supported by Ferhat Albayrak, Alan Cutt

Jeton Records proudly presents
Shlomi Aber (Cocoon, Be As One Imprint)
Ferhat Albayrak (Jeton Records, Intec Digital)
Atesh K. (Regular Beats Records, Jeton Records)

Not so many artists can be as original as Shlomi Aber is. He became a solid name in the scene with his 20 years experience and with his never-stopping outputs in the world’s best labels, inc. his own Be As One Imprint.

This summer he will join us in the unmistakable & newest spot of Turkey ; Alaçatı MAIA!

Born and raised in Israel, Shlomi’s personal approach, married with 15 years of production experience and over 20 years of djing, takes influence from Jazz, Funk, Minimal, Acid, and in particular the old Techno movement.

Aber has created some of the most recognizable and Highlighted underground dance music tracks of the modern times for the world’s most prestigious labels on his ever-expanding CV: Cocoon, Ovum, R&S, Nonplus +, Figure, Renaissance and his own “Be As One Imprint”, one of the most established and leading labels of the underground dance music scene, with its broad range of quality and forward – thinking underground house and techno.

Tracks such as “Sea Of Sand”, “Tel Aviv Garden” and “Groove Mechanism” have become engraved as Modern Anthems, whilst his “Sketches “ release has already been described by every aspects as ‘…a classy piece of Underground fodder’, not to mention his Ovum Recordings “Freakside” release which became his trademark as “the biggest club track of 2007” and one of the most played techno tracks of the recent years.

Shlomi’s worldwide success granted some prestigious rewards and Nominations as “best newcomer” in 2005, “producer and track of the year” in 2007, “Beatport’s artists of the year” in 2008, Worldwide ” DJ Awards nomination” and a well respected recent “Best Techno Dj 2014 & 2015” award winning at the “ Sankeys Ibiza “ Dj Awards.
These and more placed Shlomi in the first tier of electronic music artists, headlining every prestigious club, festival or venue worldwide.

Presented by Jeton Records
Supported by Ferhat Albayrak, Atesh K.


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Ugur Project – La Pompa EP [Jeton] JET094

The ninety forth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Ugur Project with his Debut La Pompa EP.

One of the veterans of the second generation of Istanbul’s Club Culture DJs Ugur Project is making his debut on his own town’s label Jeton Recordswhich is releasing a Turkish Producer EP second time in 8 years and it is def. worth to wait it. La Pompa EP tracks are hard-road-tested by labelhead Ferhat Albayrak and the reactions on the club were amazing. Ugur Project is a hard worker on production side too and has released 247 EPs since the start of his career including materials on HardCutz and Smiley Fingers Records.

The name track of the EP La Pompa is a groove master. The main element of the track a bouncing fx is your stab, funky black man vocal is your hook. Perfectly arranged, trafiiced and mixed the percussions helping the total mood of the track keep it on maximum. A real A-Sider.

Second track Echoplex has a deep atmosphere on the background but a circulating bass as the hook. Great groove is present again in here and the traffic makes you dance and dance and dance.

Last track of the EP Horizontal features so many elements to keep you focused on the spectrum, real powerful synth works surround the work and the hook FXs finalize the package.

Ugur ProjectLa Pompa EP will satisfy all your needs on the dancefloor with style. Enjoy !



Axel Karakasis – downloading, great ! thanks!!
Censer – Yeah!! Echoplex” – for us!
Chris Count – nice techy stuff!
COMMA Group – thanks for sharing!
Dean Facer – 3 very nice tracks indeed !
Doruk Guralp – La Pompaaaaaaaaa
Gforty – Echoplex for me! Thanks
Giorgio Rusconi – CooL Release !!
Luigi Madonna – Thanks for the music
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Timmo – very cool stuff!

Jeton Records presents Vinicius Honorio

Jeton Records proudly presents
Vinicius Honorio (Drumcode, Elevate)
Ferhat Albayrak (Jeton Records, Intec Digital)
Ugur Project (Jeton Records, HardCutz records)
Ayküt (Blackout)

One of the rising star of the new breed, Drumcode Newest Star, creator of The Amazing Chart Topper “Walking Through Shadows” EP, Vinicius Honorio makes his Istanbul debut in an unique location, in a very secret location to be announced at the event’s day.

During the latter half of 2016 and into 2017, his tracks would become a staple of his sets and heard by millions around the world through his Drumcode Live radio show. ‘Through The Darkness’ is a masterclass in darkened techno grooves, with each one of the four tracks managing to show off Honorio’s skill as a producer and just why he is firing on all cylinders. The release garnered the support of support from artists such as Len Faki, Laurent Garnier and Hot Since 82 amongst others and became the best-selling release on Beatport during the week of its release.

Hot on the heels of fulfilling his dream and accompanied by a Drumcode catalogue number tattoo, it seems there are no signs of slowing down for Honorio as he continues to push forward with work in the studio and on the road. Having already played across 5 continents, he has a tour diary that reads like pilot’s passport and with countless appearances at leading London clubbing institution Egg, we can expect to see a lot more from Honorio not only in London, but across the planet.

Presented by Jeton Records
Supported by Ferhat Albayrak, Ugur Project, Ayküt

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Stiv Hey – Venture EP [Jeton] JET093

The ninety third release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Stiv Hey with his Debut Venture EP.

When your first release receives unanimous support from the biggest DJs in his genre: Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola to name but a few, you know you’re onto something very special indeed.

Born and raised in Milan, Stiv Hey is one of the next generation of techno producers to watch. With a trademark futuristic sound which has seen him signed Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint, we are very please to welcome him on Jeton Records.

The name track of the EP Venture is a groovy bass-line advertising. The groove and the hypnotic rumble beats make Stiv stand apart can be recognized easily. A perfect traffic, great drums and atmosphere buy the deal.

Second Track Damage is a tool for damage your speakers if there are not capable of bass handling properly. A great low end work is the shine of the track, dark FXs and cinematographic pads keep the track in a different level.

Last track of The EP Trust is a pumping A-Sider again, perfect synth work wraps the track and keep the energy always in top floor while off-beat stabs and hooks make mind games to your hearing center.

Stiv HeyVenture EP is nothing but new-school Italian Techno a la Jeton. Enjoy !



Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Amazing release, will support!
Axel Karakasis – great, thanks!!
Dean Facer – Excellent release !
Durtysoxxx – great release! full support
Eric Powell – Damage is the one for me
Gforty – Trust for me, Thanks!
Giorgio Rusconi – Great EP !
Luigi Madonna – Thanks for the music
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Phil Soren – Thx for promo
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Rob Hes – Cool ep stiv!
Romanolito – Nice Tracks,Damage Best Mix For Me,Thank You
Tomy De Clerque – great EP … hard to pick the favorite

Kxel – KDrum EP [Jeton] JET092

The ninety second release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes back Kxel with his K-Drum EP.

After the success of his debut EP ‘Mind’ last June, Kxel is returning to Jeton Records with a massive three trakker.

The name track of the EP K-Drum is a raw meal. Recent times see Techno Raw Sound come-back to the scene and K-Drum is not an exception. Very dirty and saturated drums, very low subs, no melody, no harmony, neats beats is the formula of this sound.

Second Track Metal features a great bass-line, very familiar vintage analog sound reproduction fills it all the track long and a nicely managed traffic & drum works make the track suitable for dance floor.

Last track of The EP Reload is a pure 4/4 beat as well, selected hooks, FXs and drums drive the track and general reverb atmosphere builds the drop and the rise.

Kxel – K-Drum EP promises the respected raw sound of the genuine 4/4 Techno. Enjoy !



Censer – Great release! Thank you for promo.
D.R.N.D.Y – solid EP
Giorgio Rusconi – Niceee!!
Pig &Dan – cool stuff 🙂
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin

Axel Karakasis – Twitch EP [Jeton] JET091

The ninety first of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes back Axel Karakasis with his Twitch EP.

One of the most respected producers in the Techno scene, Axel Karakasis delivers his third EP on Jeton Records and don’t disappoint dark beats followers.

The Name Track of the EP, Twitch is all about another round of relentless beats, dark basslines and menacing melodics. Textured synth workouts and massive FX labelled with associated perfect traffic is for menacing big-room techno halls.

Second track, Open Spaces is pure techno beat-maker arsenal of deep subby kicks, white noise snares, roland hats and assorted foley percussion served with custom kits of sounds and glitches.

Axel Karakasis – Twitch EP represents the new school Techno where Jeton Records stands for ! Enjoy !



Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Nice release, thanks!
Bart Skils – nice rolling groove!
Censer – Full support! Great release!
Darren Rice – Twtitch is a jam!
Dean Facer – Excellent release – both tracks are fantastic
Durtysoxxx – Huge release! Full support.
Giorgio Rusconi – Super Axel !!
Kxel – nice work!! donwloading
Luigi Madonna – Nice Ep, thx
Marco Bailey – Many thanks!
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Phil Soren – Thx for promo
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Roman Finansi – Nice tracks! My fav is Twitch”! Thanks.”
Romanolito – Open Spaces Best Track For Me,Great Sound.Thank You
Timmo – nice stuff from Axel Karakasis!

Ferhat Albayrak & Greg Gow – Hogtown EP [Jeton] JET090

The ninetieth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Ferhat Albayrak & Grew Gow with Hogtown EP.

Longtime friends Ferhat Albayrak & Grew Gow collaborates with a solid EP on Jeton Records, it is also the very first collaboration of Ferhat Albayrak in his 8 years producer carrier. The EP reflects the basics of 2 hometowns; Toronto : the brother city of Detoit & Istanbul : the best mix of East & West Culture.

The First Track of the EP, Hogtown has a great Detroit style hook, very high pads and great drum work. Suddently in the second part of the track the famous Greg Gow keys appear and take the track to an another level.

The Second track Golden Horn is more melodic, features a great keywork, perfectly toned and balanced, with very bold kick+bassline combination, as well as the modern traffic.

Ferhat Albayrak & Grew Gow Hogtown EP is the fruit of the 2 important artists joined forces, and promises you only the highest level of quality. Enjoy !



Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Nice work, thanks!
Axel Karakasis – downloading, thanks!!
Giorgio Rusconi – Great Techno!!
Luigi Madonna – great release, thx
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Phil Soren – Thx for promo
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Romanolito – Hogtown Best Mix For Me,Nice Track.Thank You.

Ferhat Albayrak – The System EP [Jeton] JET089

The eighty-nineth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents The System EP.

Name Track of the EP, The System has been road-tested for almost 6 months in the clubs and the reactions from the crowd was amazing.

The Track combines a very simple bass-line and percussion work with a dark “The System” vocal. While an off-beat kick generates a bass-hook, very well formed drops and highs make the track suitable for all kind of usage from an opener to peak timer.

Second Track Holy Moly could be decribed as a happy track in terms of Techno. A different sound of bass is the hook of the track and sub-movements take the track groove and move. Not a track that you used to figure-out in the stores right now in Techno Genre for sure.

Ferhat Albayrak – The System EP features multi-purpose tracks for different size of venues. Enjoy !



Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Nice release, thanks!
Censer – Great suff! Thank you for promo)
Dean Facer – Loving ‘The System’
Drumcomplex – The System is a big banger…support
Gforty – The System for me, great tune! Thanks
Luigi Madonna – Great music, thx
Mr.Bizz – nice tracks!!thanks
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Rafa Barrios – 2 greats tracks!
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Roman Finansi – Nice tracks!!
Romanolito – The System For Me,Thank You.
The Reactivitz – The System is cool!

Jeton Records presents ; Slam | Harvey McKay | dubspeeka | Loco&Jam | Ambivalent

Jeton Records welcomes 2017 with series of events at Istanbul’s Best Underground Spot ; Clique Istanbul.

January 21st will see Drumcode & Cocoon Artist Harvey McKay Istanbul debut, supported by Ferhat Albayrak & Ugur Project.

Ambivalent of Kompakt & Octopus will return to Istanbul on February 4th, supported by Ferhat Albayrak & Rubsilent.

March 11th will see the invasion of Techno Masters at Clique İstanbul ; Slam ! Founders of legendary label Soma Records which celebrates 25th anniversary in the industry, Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle aka SLAM are educating the genuine sound of Techno to the masses since 1998.







One of the hottest duos in the Techno Scene, LOCO & JAM returns to Istanbul at the newest underground spot of the city, Hype İstanbul and it is gonna be big !

Drumcode star, matured on Bristol underground scene, dubspeeka returns to Istanbul bringing his signature, unique sound.



We will continue to host important names in our label night during the year at Clique Istanbul. Stay tuned !

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Atesh K. – Torque EP [Jeton] JET088

jet088The eighty eighth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes again Cyprius Atesh K with Torque EP.

Our friend Atesh K aka Ates Kozal from Nicosia, Cyprus returns back to Jeton after almost one year of absence. After his successful EPs ‘Dirty Party’ & ‘Mind Loop’, he promises again beats built for the dance floor.

The Name Track of the EP, Torque is a powerful 4/4 er. He usually has so many clues from early 2000’s minimal Techno sounds in his productions but this time, he delivers so much beat and white-noises, by maintaining his unique touch.

Second track Traction is also a bold peak-time track, again sauced with so much noises, low sub-basses and a great traffic makes you hype in the right moment, right time.

Last track Combustion features a FXish stap synth, covers the track and let you focus in this repetetive sound without forcing you leave the main beat. A great piece of B side.

Atesh K. – Torque EP is a statement of an evolving artist, a signature of his progress by keeping his unique sound. Enjoy !



Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Nice release, thanks!
Ascon – very nice ep! will play
Axel Karakasis – downloading, thanks!!
Censer – Thank you for promo. Great release!
Chris Count – Not too much techno here for me but cool tech house tracks for the sets! 🙂
Doruk Guralp – Torque!
Luigi Madonna – Great music, thx
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Phil Soren – Thx for promo
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
The Reactivitz – Torque is nice!
Tomy De Clerque – torque is great