Jeton Records 2018/2019 Winter Season

We are delighted to announce First Phase Line-Up of Jeton Records Second Season at Zorlu PSM.

Zorlu PSM became the spot for underground events in Istanbul, thanks to its cutting edge architecture, acoustics, sound & lighting systems, a multi-million performance center in the very heart of the city serving for all kind of performance arts.

We are thrilled to announce the first artists of 2018/2019 Winter Season. Stay tuned for full line-up…



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Jeton Records ADE Showcase

Jeton Records invades Amsterdam Dance Event for the second time.

Established in 2009, Premium Techno Label from Istanbul will celebrate 10th anniversary in 2019, by reaching-out 100th milestone release.

After securing a strong scene is Istanbul by organizing events every month for the last 3 years, now Jeton is expanding its sound to Techno-Cities of Europe.

Jeton Records ADE 2018 showcase consists a great line-up of Jeton regulars like Greg Gow, Tom Hades, Stiv Hey, Ugur Project, Alan Cutt and label head Ferhat Albayrak.

See you at Desmet Studios on October 17th, 2018 for the new generation of Techno.

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Riza Gobelez – Victorius EP [Jeton] JET110

The one hundred and tenth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes Riza Gobelez with Victorius EP.

Riza Gobelez is one of the most talented new breeds in our scene and almost every track of him has been hammered by Ferhat Albayrak with great feedback. After the success of his track Clash on New Breed Compilation which made serious damage on the dance-floor last season, now it is time to celebrate his debut EP Victorius with 5 amazing tracks.

Riza GobelezVictorius EP will cover all your needs through the set needs, from a peak-timer to after-hour tranquilizer. Enjoy!

Bageera – Nice.Thanks
COMMA Group – thanks
Eme Kulhnek – Like it ! Thanks
Greg Gow – feeling ready will play out thx
Luigi Madonna – Thanks for the music.
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Pig &Dan – love wizardry 🙂
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Robert F – Wizardry for me 🙂
Sascha Krohn – cool release. victorius and nars are my favorites here. thanks
Spartaque – Cool tracks, will try
Stiv Hey – Downloading for Stiv Hey, thanks for the music !
Vinicius Honorio – Certified dancefloor hurters!

Jeton Records Radio Show 089 Drumcomplex

The 89th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Drumcomplex from Germany. One of the most consistent names in the scene, Arnd Reichow aka Drumcomplex celebrates his 25th year in the industry and sees no sign of slowing down. Production quality in his works and attention to mixing details make his sound stand apart from others. His works can be found on selected labels like Intec, OFF Recordings, Bush, Phoniq and of course his own Complexed. His touring schedule escalated as well after his debut at mighty Awakenings Festival last summer. We are very pleased to host him in our Jeton Records Radioshow with his exclusive set.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Hypnos Hall Istanbul. Enjoy!

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Ugur Project – Zenith [Jeton] JET109

The one hundred and ninth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes back Ugur Project with Zenith EP.

Jeton Regular and A-Pillar Ugur Project returns to the label with a great three-trakker, all tested and focused for the dance-floor. His sound is evolving every release and he escalated his career by signing to Great Stuff Recordings this summer as well.

The name track of the EP Zenith is a great groovy and pumping floor-filler, hypnotising main hook-synth catches you from the first moment and drops you with no-mercy. Percussions and basslines are greatly combined, over-all rhythm is stunning.

Second track Rhodium is another groovy track, this time super-cared drums and hook working together and form an unmistakable beat-form.

Last track of the EP Paranoia generates an intense pump, catchy bass-line and sub-works make the track super-friendly for building up the over-all groove.

Ugur ProjectZenith EP is full of weapons for your big-room to dark-room sets. Enjoy!

About 130 – Paranoia” nice track!”
Darren Rice – Love Zenith, great groove
Eme Kulhnek – great ep ! thanks 🙂
Ilario Alicante – Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Spartaque – Cool EP, will play!
Stiv Hey – Downloading for Stiv Hey, thanks !
Vinicius Honorio – Rolling!!!
Zoe Xenia – Rhodium sounds great!

Jeton Records Radio Show 088 Nina Kraviz

The 88th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes one the icons of the modern electronic music scene; Nina Kraviz! She is definitely an industry figurehead and getting copied hardly these days with her sound and her attitude by her female colleagues. Kraviz is from Irkutsk, Siberia and fell under the spell of house music during the mid-’90s through radio. Her meet with Radio Slave changed her path and her releases on Rekids and “Ghetto Kraviz” in 2011 introduced her to the masses. Aujourd`hui she is in the foremost of the electronic dance music scene and most importantly became an icon for the new generation. We are thrilled to host her in our Jeton Records Radioshow. This semi-vinly set has been live recorded at Time Warp Mannheim 2018.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Big Burn Festival Istanbul at Suma Beach. Enjoy!

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Jeton Records Radio Show 087 2pole

The 87th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes 2pole from Germany. Consist of Marcus Schmahl and Mark Ullrich has been formed in 2016 but thanks to the massive experience in electronic dance music, they started to get attention very fast. Great releases on Tronic Music, Suara, Transit, Phobiq and many others, they started to dominate Beatport Charts for months. We invited them to play in Istanbul on June at Tronic Showcase and we were lucky to meet those great guys in person. We are very happy to have them on Jeton Records Radioshow as well.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Suma Beach Istanbul on July 7th 2018. Enjoy !

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Ferhat Albayrak – Ponzi Scheme [Jeton] JET108

Launching in 2009, Jeton Records is run by Ferhat Albayrak who is one of the leading
techno artists based in Istanbul, Turkey. It has a back catalogue of tracks that lists artists such as Lützenkirchen, Tom Hades, Jon Rundell, Marco Bailey and Hans
Bouffmyhre amongst others.

The latest release comes from label boss Ferhat Albayrak, who not only is a regular event planner in his hometown featuring line-ups including Slam, Len Faki, Sam Paganini and Christian Smith, but has also had his music appear on the likes of Tronic Music and Intec Digital, whilst being continuously supported by Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin.

Expect to hear spaced out, rolling, techno grooves that are bursting with energy and tension, finished off with melodic chord stabs and deep electronic influences.

Arjun Vagale – Maslak is cool
Audiomatiques – “Downloading for Audiomatiques !
Full support and thanks for the music !”
Boxia – Great synth work in Ponzi, supurb release
Carl Bee – “Very Good EP !!
Thank You .. both tracks are great !”
Carl Craig – dl 4 c2 thx!
Cristian Varela – good1!
D-Deck – Maslak is my pick thanks
D’Jamency – “solid techno EP, thxx !
D’Jamency (Remain, Natura Viva, Reload, Patterns)”
Daz Furey (FNOOB Techno Radio owner) – Beatz….
Drumcomplex – yeah festival sound like it
Drunken Kong – Maslak is cool. Thank you for the music!
Forest People / Olēka – support
Fractious – Cool work here!
Gaston Zani – Dope tracks!
Heron – Cool
Hollen – Maslak for me 🙂
Hristian Stojanowski – Both tracks are truly awesome! Thank you…
Human Life – thanks
Its All Techno™ (Podcast) – love both tracks thank you!
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Juan Ddd – Nice tools here, thanks for the music!
Kaiserdisco – Sounds good, will try it out LOUD. Thx
Karotte – this time nothing to play for me.
Laurent N. (House Nation on Nice Radio FM / Electronic Lands on Squaresound Radio) – “2 good tracks for me.
Lerio Corrado – “Maslak is interesting 🙂
Thank you”
Loco & Jam – Really liking Maslak! Great stuff from Ferhat
Lorenzo al Dino (Compilation Licencing – Jockey Club Ibiza) – kicking.
Luigi Madonna – Thanks for the music.
Maceo Plex / Maetrik – Downloaded for Maceo Plex, thanks for the music!
Marco Bailey – support mate …
Mark Greene – Mask is very nice!!
Markantonio – Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music !
Oliver Lieb – Maslak for me!
Optimuss – Very well . Thanks
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks 😉
Psycatron – Paul Hamill – Ponzi Scheme is massive
Radio Topo 101.8 FM / [ES] Elektrokrazia (online) – Editor – Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!!!
Ramiro Lopez – cool stuff! thx
Richie Hawtin / Plastikman – downloaded for r hawtin
Rob Zile (Brain Food on Kiss FM Australia) – great tracks!
Sezer Uysal – Ponzi Scheme is greaat track !! thanks
Shelley Johannson – Liking the emotions in ‘Ponzi Scheme’ and good drive in ‘Maslak’ Thanks for sending.
Slam – Thanx
Spartaque – Cool EP!
Spektre (Paul Maddox) – Cool tracks
Steve Parry (Selador Sessions on Frisky Radio) – solid stuff

Jeton Records Radio Show 086 About130

The 86th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes About130 from Poland. Dominik Koniszewski aka About130 is a new breed to The Raw, distressed Techno Scene. Even thought he is in the early stages of his career, he has managed to release on mighty Tronic Music in a co-operation with The Southern. Other than Tronic, he published music on Kaputt of Berlin, Gastspiel and rawthing. We will welcome him to Jeton Records as well with his Dance Like Paranoid EP out his month. As always, we are supporting the talented new generation on Jeton Radio & Jeton Records and About130 is no exception.

Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s live mix taken at Zorlu PSM Studio Istanbul on June 1st 2018, opening set for SLAM. Enjoy !

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About130 – Dance Like Paranoid EP [Jeton] JET107

The hundred and seventh release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, welcomes About130, with Dance Like Paranoid EP.

About130 aka Dominik Koniszewski is an upcoming producer from Bydgoszcz, Poland. Label-head Ferhat Albayrak is a supporter of his music on his sets for a long time, specially his works on Tronic and rawthing. We are very pleased to have him on Jeton, with his raw influenced sound.

Name track of the EP Dance Like Paranoid packed with pummeling 909-led grooves, industrial beat drones, sub-quaking bass, and dark dub chords which occupy the frequencies all track long. A great groove stab takes it all track long.

Second track Dynamics is a 909 exercise, sharp hats and claps form the percussion rack and a driving pump synth combines the groove.

Last track Activation Code pumps the bassline, weird notes, pumping lows and razor rides makes it available for long sets.

About130Dance Like Paranoid EP will be one of your weapons this summer, if you like raw, de-stressed material. Enjoy !

Alexander Filimonov [Kiss FM Ukraine] – Thanks, will support!
COMMA Group – thanks for sharing!
Coyu – Dance Like Paranoid sounds fun
Cristian Varela – Good Music
Dimitri Kechagias – thanks dynamics sounds more melodic and groovy thanks
Drumcomplex – massive stuff…like it
Eme Kulhnek – Great !! Thanks !
Giorgio Rusconi – Niceee!!
Ilario Alicante – Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
Luigi Madonna – Thanks for the music.
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Riza Gobelez – Great Polyrhythms, thanks!
Spartaque – Cool tracks! Will play!!